Denise Richards Was At The Hospital With Charlie Sheen, Still Cleaning Up After Him

Poor Denise Richards: she’ll never rid herself of addict/ex Charlie Sheen and having to explain his outlandish and destructive behavior. After reports that Sheen was found drunk and naked with a hooker in a trashed room at the Plaza Hotel in New York (yes, that’s all one sentence), Denise (pictured at an appearance at the Wendy Williams Show today) confirmed that something in fact did happen on the Joy Behar Show last night. However, she refused to go into detail for the sake of her young daughters.

This morning on the Today Show she clarified her statement from last night, adding, “The thing that I will say is I did not call—I wasn’t screaming or freaking out—I did not call 911. Other than that, the details of what went on in the room, what went on that night, I prefer to keep private and personal.”

Looks like what started off as a nice family vacation together with some promotion thrown in for Denise has become a disaster, with Denise doing the cleanup. Let’s hope for her sake too that Charlie can get his act together.