‘The Real Girl Next Door:’ Denise Richards Gets Candid About Life, Relationship With Charlie Sheen

In her new book, The Real Girl Next DoorDenise Richards tells all– especially about her relationship with former Two and a Half Men “winner” Charlie Sheen.

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Richards admitted that at the beginning of their relationship, she overlooked some of Sheen’s eccentricities.

“I got married to a man who I thought was my everlasting soul mate and became a mother to my two beautiful daughters,” Life & Style reported that Richards said. “But then the bottom dropped out of that fantasy.”

However, years after their very ugly, public divorce, the actress was able to remain friends with her ex, despite his erratic behavior and lifestyle.

Life & Style shared some of Richards most telling quotes. Read on for more of her story.On life with Sheen:

“The bedroom door was bulletproof. A fire pole was in the closet in case a quick escape to the ground floor was necessary. And the house had a panic room.”

On their divorce:

“I was called a gold digger, vindictive, and crazy. It wasn’t easy to be pitted against the star of America’s favorite sitcom–something he reminded me about constantly… For Charlie, it was about the fight. He said he would bleed me dry financially and swore I’d never win.”

On her relationship with Sheen now:

“Charlie is on his own path, and this is his lifestyle he has chosen. That doesn’t mean I condone it, but I’ve learned to accept it. One thing I know for sure: I’ll always be there for Charlie.”

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