Demi Whipped

Ashton gladly trades in his man-whore attitude for spastic family guy comfort. When Demi calls he admittedly drops everything to answer her call. His recollection of the night he met Demi is still fresh in his mind as he explains the romantic interlude.

“Honestly, I was, like, jocking some other girl that night. My focus was with hooking up with somebody else.”

How magical. To be “jocking” some bar fly the night you meet your future partner. After meeting that night a mutual friend set up a dinner.

“So when we went to dinner I organized it so she was sitting across from me. And then she said something at the dinner table that was, like, so fucking profound that at that point, I didn’t have a choice.”

Before you know it Demi moved in with her brood and made a family with Kutcher. As random Ashton booty list would knock on the door Demi would answer the door and politely tell the young ladies, “There is no fucking party here!”

Now the two are married with and happy as ever. Ashton sums up his feelings about the pressure of being in the public eye of perfection.

“If she wears black, so do you. Matching isn’t her job. It’s yours. You’re the purse.”

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Written by Cara Harrington