Demi Moore’s Dentist Visit On Twitter

May 26th, 2009 // 13 Comments

On a recent trip to the dentist, Demi Moore took the opportunity for an impromptu photoshoot. The actress snapped some pics of herself in the dentist chair, revealing that one of her front teeth was missing.

The Hollywood actress revealed her less glamorous side in the pictures, which she posted on Twitter. She joked on her page, “Happy to share and always appreciate the opportunity to find humility!!! Or at least be able to laugh at myself!”

Well, good for her. It’s nice to see that even an expensive chassy like hers requires an occasional tune-up.

Gallery Info: Demi Moore leaves the Cartier party in New York City.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Meagan

    I love that she would share that smile with us!!

  2. Daovely

    Brave of her to reveal that side of what the public sees as the perfect celebrity..
    only I wonder how it came about that she lost her front tooth.

  3. Emily

    Who the F wears sunglasses in a dentist chair?!

  4. sunglasses

    Some procedures require you to cover your eyes. If you don’t wear your own sunglasses, they give you some protective ones that look like you’re welding something.

  5. Butch

    That’s just nasty. Now whenever I see a picture of her smiling, I will be seeing that white trash toofless grin.

    I bet her mama knocked it out of her head back when she was alive and they used to fight all the time.

  6. WhoCares

    What an attention whore. Was she high on dental gas?! And what in the world happened to her teeth?! That’s just gross. She’s gross and her 14 year old husband is gross, too.

  7. Bre

    Good for Demi for having the balls to post something like this. Missing a tooth is not “gross” as someone said, it can happen to anyone.



  9. SweetSoprano

    Isn’t this the same woman that had plastic surgery done to her knees because she didn’t like how they looked?

  10. queenofdiamonds

    Well, now we know what Demi wants for Christmas LOL.

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