Demi Moore And Nia Vardalos Respond To Suicide Tweet

March 19th, 2010 // Leave a Comment

Demi Moore has talked highly of Twitter and even used it as platform for good to to promote her and Ashton Kutcher’s DNA foundation.

She took things one step further when she contributed to an online chain of posts responding to a young man in Florida’s threats to hang himself earlier this morning. “R U rlly asking 4 help?” she tweeted. This must have been after she got back from the 18th Annual “A Night At Sardi’s Fundraiser she attended with Ashton last night in these pictures.

Two calls came for the West Coast around 2:30 am to the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office reporting the suicide threat and authorities went to the home and took the uninjured juvenile to a hospital. No further details were provided from the Sheriff’s Office about the callers identity, but  one of those calls can be traced to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” star Nia Vardalos who tweeted “I called suicide line, connected to FL police, I gave his name+city. They went to home, helped him.”  Last April a woman in San Jose tweeted to Demi that she was going to cut her arm and Demi retweeted it causing her followers to make several phone calls to the police.

By Madison Ventura

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