Demi Moore Helps Cartier Announce Their Collabo With ServiceNation

Cartier is trying to prove that not only are diamonds a girl’s best friend, they’re also committed to community service. With the French jeweler celebrating 100 years of doing business in the United States, Demi Moore was on hand at a splashy red carpet event to announce the company’s new partnership with ServiceNation. The organization comprises of 100 million Americans, including almost 200 national and local non-profits.

And I realize I tend to throw around the expression “hottest cougar in all of the land” pretty frequently, but seriously, Demi is working it. With her flowing dark locks and impeccable manicure showing off an impressive piece of bling. But then again, one would expect no less of her while at the Cartier Mansion in New York City.

Not that she needs it. We all know she can rock a bikini bottom just as expertly as a ball gown.

Gallery Info: Demi Moore at Cartier announcing a partnership with ServiceNation.