Demi Moore Covers ‘Harper’s Bazaar’

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In an imaginative shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Mark Seliger seems to play on Demi Moores inconceivable radiance of youth at 47. The timeless beauty dons vivid colors and poses among animals, toys and balloons. The Happy Tears actress talked to the magazine about her Twitter life and her new movie The Joneses.

It’s hard not to notice her presence on twitter these days. With two and a half million followers, she chats with subscribers about everything from the term cougar to possibly photoshoped pictures. She also used the platform to promote the DNA foundation she and husband Ashton Kutcher started to change legislation on sexual trafficking and slavery. The mother of three says she enjoys cyberspace because it’s about “exchanging thoughts and ideas, when in the physical world we might never have the opportunity to cross paths.” It’s also a great place to show some tushy.

The Joneses
, coming out April 16th, is a satire on consumerism. “The heart of the story is people who have leveraged their lives for stuff, for that external measure of success,” she says. “But stuff doesn’t make us happy.” I still think her academy awards dress would make me happy

Moore has found happiness in her husband of five years saying she new there was ” something special right away” with Kutcher. “It was like meeting somebody that I’ve just known where you just recognize one another. It was so disproportionate, the level of emotion we were experiencing to the time we had spent together.”

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By Madison Ventura

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