Why Did Demi Moore And Bruce Willis Split Up?

March 25th, 2008 // 9 Comments

Here’s Demi Moore, daughter (Boy) Scout, ex-husband Bruce Willis, and a young waitress at a screening of Demi’s new film, Flawless. Ok, that’s actually Bruce’s new chick, lingerie model Emma Heming. I don’t know if you can tell from these pics, but Emma is wearing this screwy outfit. It’s like some sort of beaded curtain attached to the bottom of a tuxedo jacket. Over leggings. Models get the best tweek to smoke.

The screening took place last night at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room. Also in attendance were designer Zac Posen, Donna Karan, Andre Leon Talley, Anika Noni Rose, Marcus Schenkenberg, Debbie Harry, Porscha Coleman and Russell Simmons. Debbie Harry is fiery hot. She is absolutely terrible live, but that doesn’t dilute her pop culture hag value. I lurve her.

Seriously, Demi and Bruce are always up in each other’s lives. What is the deal? Just have sex. Dump the children you’re married to or dating and just do it. Yes, divorced couples can still be friends but this is ridiculous. At the end of this movie, they will get back together again. And while they’re pondering their feelings for each other, I’m going to ponder the fact that the buckle on Demi’s culottes-jumper mess costs more than I make in a year and my car put together.

Photos: Getty Images

20 more photos from the Flawless screening featuring Scout Willis, Demi Moore, Bruce Willis, Emma Hemming, Donna Karan, Andre Leon Talley, Zac Posen, Anika Noni Rose, Marcus Schenkenberg, Debbie Harry, Porschla Coleman and Russell Simmons hosted by the Cinema Society at the Tribeca Grand Screening Room are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images

By J. Harvey

  1. Frida

    Demi’s “culottes-jumper mess” is a Chanel coat….

  2. cris

    ok, this needs to be said. though rumer’s whole existence bugs the shit outta me, i think she’s actually a fairly attractive girl and so i don’t understand all the slams…but tallulah belle? holy mother f’en crap! she is one demonic and fugly girl. i’m sorry, but she really crapped out on the gene pool. she is a scary looking child. ick.

  3. amanda

    hahaha i didnt even read the whole thing cause i hat to read (Boy) Scout 3 times to get it and my giggles won’t let me read anymore

  4. Zekers

    Scout could be Lake Bell’s little sister. I don’t think she is as bad as you say Mr. Harvey. She came out much better than her sister, Rumor.

  5. mimi

    ok, does anybody else think that bruce’s new toy looks a bit like demi??? just a taller version?

  6. Zekers


  7. TR

    who the hell is the tramp with russell? i saw that girl on the internet all hugged up under TERRELL OWENS!!!!!! there were also other fat ugly football boys she was hangin on! demi and bruce should get back together and so should russell and kimora!!!!! he way way too old for this child! and her new fake tits are killing meeee! damn russ, u paid for that????? thats a MESS!

  8. Suvanjan

    I think they are a great friendly couple, they apparently have a good chemistry, best wishes to you Demi and Bruce!

  9. jenny

    why does demi always try to look like liv tyler could it be she has always been jealous of her? since bruce rumored to have affections for liv this is why she went for younger guy to get even with bruce she is a scorpio

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