Demi Moore Is Flawless, But I’m More Concerned With General Hospital’s 45th Anniversary

Here’s Demi Moore before her appearance on Letterman. She’s a perfect, ageless beauty although assisted by science. Very expensive science. Anyway, this photo set is just an opportunity for me to talk about General Hospital’s 45th birthday!. My lame segue is that Demi got her start on GH as enterprising reporter Jackie Templeton!

General Hospital!
The only soap (well, besides anytime that Viki has a multiple personality storyline on One Life To Live) that competes with The Young & The Restless for J. Harvey’s gay little heart! General Hospital and all its medical, super spy, and mob drama. Luke! Laura! Carly! Sonny! Jason! Elizabeth! Hellbitch Sam! Alexis! Robin! Patrick! Nikolas! (Dead) Emily! The Quartermaines! Lulu (ugh).

And remember the oldies? Bobbie! Tiffany! Sean! Holly! Robert! And the greatest GH character to ever grace my screen – the extraordinary Anna Devane Scorpio Lavery! The glamorous Finola Hughes played her. She’s a former slut spy turned police commisioner turned non-slut spy. She makes an appearance now and then. All My Children even stole her character for a couple of years she was so hot!

The adventures, lives and loves of Port Charles and its lusty denizens have entranced me since I was a small gay. I can recall when Luke and Laura were trapped on the freeze ray island, and they beat the evil Cassadine family. Laura’s mother, Dr. Lesley Webber, came to the island to see where she’d been holed up. I admired Dr. Lesley Webber’s early 80s head kerchief and elaborate island costume so much that I actually took some of my Mom’s clothes and dressed like her. My father came home from his job as a sweaty mailman and asked me what I was dressed as. From under my head kerchief, I stated “Daaad, I’m Dr. Lesley Webber visiting her daughter Laura on the Cassadine’s island!”. He didn’t say much but that moment might have exacerbated his alcoholism.

The cast and crew celebrated the April 1st anniversary with a small party on their set. Yeah, people don’t watch soaps nowadays so they probably have to tone it down due to finances. Elizabeth Taylor isn’t making guest appearances anymore. She was the first Helena Cassadine! I’ll stop.

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