Demi Enjoys The Fruits Of Ashton’s Labor

For his latest movie, “The Guardian,” Ashton Kutcher had to get in kick-ass shape, in order to realistically portray a coast guard. From GCN | Daily Dish:

‘The new look’s gone down very well with my wife. She’s pretty much fallen for me all over again.’ Kutcher, 28, celebrated his first wedding anniversary with Moore, 44, in September. But the actor admits that getting rock hard abs was not easy. ‘I worked very hard with a trainer to get into good physical shape because I didn’t want to represent these coast guards without emulating them physically – and their physical condition is second to none.’

Good for Demi and for Ashton. Get your sexy on, kids. But I do hope he did, in fact, work his ass off, cause these are some mighty big combat boots to fill.

Written by Lisa Timmons

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