Demi Moore Linked To Scott-Vincent Borba, Ashton Kutcher Tweets From The Heartland

December 1st, 2011 // 1 Comment

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are moving on with their lives, as they well should.  Ashton headed home to Iowa City, Iowan for Thanksgiving, while Moore has been seen with skincare company owner Scott-Vincent Borba.  SVB, CEO of Borba skincare, looks like a cross between Donnie Osmond and Eric McCormack.  Whether or not Moore and SVB are buddies or more is beyond us.

Meanwhile, Kutcher had beers with his bros at a few bars over the holiday weekend and was swarmed by female fans.  According to Us Weekly, Kutcher visited Bo James and Sports column, and one witness said,  “He was drinking beer, and girls kept coming up to him.  He loved the attention. Girls were hugging him and shaking his hand.”

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Some gals tried to get Kutcher to come with them to a strip club, but he politely declined (smart move).  Also during the holiday, Kutcher tweeted a picture of himself with a cow in the background: “Country Giving,” he posted. On Tuesday (November 29), a shy Ashton was spotted at at Chevron station in Los Angeles sans wedding ring.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. And here’s the catch kids, he’s celebrity endorsed which means Demi can explore the back of his tonsils with hers without a feeling of shame or second thought that she’s not straying too far from where sweet nectar normally grows. That plus she’s already got him teaching him lap dancing tricks like balancing bottles of moisturizer on his head whilst looking dizzily into her eyes. The twitter pictures of the first orgasm should be arriving by the time of the first rinse and towel session is over…

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