Demi Moore Is Still Wearing Her Wedding Ring [PHOTOS]

Demi Moore has a new project to distract her from the media sh*t storm she’s had to endure this fall.  Moore stars in the dark drama, Another Happy Day alongside Thomas Haden Church, Ellen Barkin and Ellen Burstyn as the second wife of a man (Church) at constant odds with his ex-wife (played by Barkin).

Moore told Fox 411’s Pop Tarts that the film’s family war is something familiar to everyone.  “That was the most interesting thing, the unintended pain and hurt that can be caused within a family… and then the need to be heard,” Moore, who was seen without her wedding ring in Beverly Hills yesterday with an energy drink (November 10th), explained.

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She added, “We as human beings have a tendency that, when we are hurt, we want to blame. But when we blame we give our power away. It is so well illustrated (in the film) without being commented or judged. Everyone wants permission to have their pain, and they feel like their pain has been denied.”

In perhaps the most telling quote since news of husband Ashton Kutcher’s alleged affair surfaced, Moore told the site, “We might feel comfortable being in the black or the white, the yes or no, but the truth is we all live in the gray.  We’ve all been the victim, and we’ve all been victimized.”