Demi Moore Heads To Rehab To Treat Addiction & Eating Disorder

Well, there goes another one. E! Online has reported that Demi Moore has checked into a Utah rehab center. You all remember the insanity that was Demi’s 911 call–you can listen to the full call here–and first check into rehab. Turns out the actress decided that Cirque Lodge in Sundance, Utah was the place for her to go. 

Sources tell E! that Demi has already been at the rehab center for about a week after being quietly transported there following her hospitalization. She is currently seeking treatment for an eating disorder and addiction issues. And to think just three weeks ago Demi looked happy and mostly healthy on the red carpet with her daughter, Rumer. We all should have seen that eating disorder coming. I mean, that woman is far too thin. 

It’s quite sad whenever a celebrity has to check into rehab. Luckily Cirque Lodge is quite the posh center, so Demi should be just fine. Apparently she’s only keeping in touch with a small group of people, although we’re not sure if that includes Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher. Maybe? Now, let’s all take a moment and send out good vibes to Demi. Did it? Good. Now launch the gallery to check out some recent photos of Demi and let’s all figure out how we didn’t see the eating disorder. Or did we?