Demi Moore Goes Wild In Miami, While Lenny Kravitz Watches [PHOTOS]

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Demi Moore, step away from the koo-koo juice!

Moore attended a dinner and auction hosted by Chanel to benefit the Henry Street Settlement at Soho Beach House last night (December 5, 2012) in Miami Beach, Florida, and let me just put it this way. She enjoyed herself.

She was seen dancing and making funny faces with the likes of singer Lenny Kravitz and Stacy Keibler. She also played things up for photographers, pulling her hair across her face and posing for the cameras.

She seemed extremely hyperactive clutching a can of Red Bull. A source said, “She was most ready to party than anyone else in the room.”

She was also spotted with her rumored young boy-toy Vito Schnabel

E! News reports that the couple made out publicly at the party, but somehow avoided the cameras during their PDA fest.

A source told E! News: “They are definitely a couple. She is definitely more down to party than Vito.”

Mmm. A 50-year-old hopped up on Red Bull is never a good thing. Much luck to Vito.