Demi Moore & Ashton Kutcher Drama Continues, She Wants His Money

Remember when Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher were married?

Remember when they said they were getting a divorce? Well, it looks like that divorce still has not happened–even though Ashton is perfectly happy with new lady Mila Kunis. And it looks like Demi won’t let it happen till she gets spousal support.

Sources tell TMZ that Demi is looking to get money from Ashton so she can renovate her swanky New York City condo. Yup. Somehow even though she’s actually worth more than he is, Ashton owes her money. 

Oh, and we’re ignoring the fact that Demi just got a reported $15 million from ex-husband Bruce Willisin regards to their divorce. Oh, oh! And Demi wants some of Ashton’s online investment money, even though he made most of those investments after they got a divorce.

Now these are all rumors, but something about Demi these days tells me she might actually have lost it. Here’s to hoping she gets it back. At least she’s looking good. Must be all that yoga she does. You can check out photos of her getting her yoga on with daughter Rumer in the gallery.