Demi Moore And Ashton Kutcher Debut “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls”

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are spearheading “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls,’ a campaign against sex trafficking.  They’ve enlisted the help of Jessica Biel, Eva Longoria, Bradley Cooper, Sean Penn, Justin Timberlake, Jamie Foxx, Isaiah Mustafa, and Jason Mraz to name a few.  Moore and Kutcher sought out a cause that they could work on together, and Moore was drawn to the idea of fighting sex trafficking.  She confessed to Stuff that as a teen, she was “manipulated and taken advantage of” by a 28-year-old boyfriend.

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They believe that by targeting young males and explaining to them the dangers of sex trafficking (I.E. prostitution), the success rate of turning these boys into “Real Men” who don’t use hookers will be high.  Moore explained, “The less face-to-face time boys get, the less they understand how real relationships work,” she said. “That goes back to the culture we’re creating, one which finds guys saying, ‘If I can get sex easy like that [with a prostitute], why not?'”

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