Demi Lovato’s Racy Photos Leaked

December 17th, 2010 // 48 Comments

Lookie that.  It seems that all these Disney trollops wanna do is have some fun and show some boob.

Some racy photos of Demi Lovato were leaked over the summer, and dancer Alex Welch (the one who was punched by Lovato and is currently suing the rehabbing star) is part of the photo shoot.

To the young girls reading this post: A) Your parents should be monitoring your interweb use.  B) Don’t snap slutty pictures of yourself.  They’ll find their way to Facebook and come Monday morning, you’ll be that girl who took naked pictures of herself.  And that will follow you around forever.  Just like herpes.  Try to avoid that, too.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. millisa

    she is a bad example to children and people that are her fans

    • Lizzy

      I mean come on, every teenage girl does some experimenting. Just because your embarassed with your body doesn’t mean everyone else should be. I think she was having fun. Leave her alone. Just like Miley Cyrus. Sometime in life everyone does some sort of drug. GET OVER IT!

    • guest

      bitch. demi shouldn’t even have taken pics of that.

      lizzy is a bitch. (:

    • Taylor

      Stop using the teenage excuse.
      Not all teenagers take naked pictures of themselves.

  2. @ millisa

    GET OVER IT !!

  3. ness

    her fans are older teenagers. What makes you think that they’re so damn impressionable? Sheshould really be careful of who she calls friends. Who leaked these? It’s effed up.

  4. ness

    and hey racy pictures put Vanessa Hudgens on the map. Maybe in the long run, Demi Lovato will get the much needed publicity for he next album.

  5. lali

    God, they just had fun, it’s teeagers. Duh

  6. Haley

    What a freaking disappointment.
    Funny that – Miley dated Nick Jonas and now look at her – with the bong?!
    And Demi dated Joe Jonas, and now look.

    Weird that they both dated a Jonas, and that this and the Miley-bong thing literally hit the internet just LAST week.

    What a shame on Alex. I really thought she was someone who would inspire me to dance later on down the road.
    I know that this really isn’t any of our business, but honestly, I’m extremely disappointed and very heated. Ya wanna do that? Go sign up for 90210 and get the heck off Disney Channel.

    If you wanna see someone who IS a very good role model for kids AND adults alike, and someone who has talent, run a Google search on Traci Hines.

    • jan

      LOL come on Disney iis not the problem, it’s the people around/parents etc…you really think none of the 90210 people did or have done idiotic stuff like this? Most of them are adults when they got a show!

    • whatever

      She wasn’t saying that Disney is the problem, I believe the point she was making is that if she’s gonna do such adult things, she should act on an adult show instead. And I agree with that point. If she’s gonna be on a show geared at children, and pre-teens, she should be more careful of the example she’s setting.

  7. yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy????
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  8. sad person

    I just dont get it.

  9. sad person

    she has so many kid fans, like me. im only 12. maybe taylor swift and selena gomez are my only good role models. i think im gonna be sick. literally. i feel a bit queasy.

  10. luna
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    i know when ur young is all about having fun, but when u are a disney star that all little girls look up to you u should be careful what u do were and when , picz like this a little girl will think this is cool when is really not, this disney stars needs to decide if u wanrt to be a disney star for kids, or a girls go crazy wild stripper do everything you want , we dont want to see our kids thinking thats the thing to do.

  11. Muffin
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    OMG she is so rite a little girl might think this is ok when it is not. be careful what u put online disney stars. foe real

  12. lawl

    does no one else find the guy in the back utterly hilarious?
    cause I sure do.

  13. alison
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    i love the oic girl live ur life itz could growing up so haters fck of and bck off demi and miley’z bck coz their growin up

  14. alison
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    itz like she horny or something

  15. Ashley

    THIS is why I like Selena Gomez.

  16. Loves Selena4Evaa

    Ikr I Always Liked Selena Gomez! She Was My Top Star From The Beginning Anyway My Friend Likes Demi Idk If She Knows About This..
    All I Want To Know Is: Did Demi Know The Effect It Was Gonna Have On Her Fans?
    What The World Was She Thinkin?

  17. Angelica

    When it’s Miley, you guys trash her.
    When its Demi, ”GET OVER IT.”

    You guys are honestly sickos.

  18. Adri
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    I dont think rehab is helping DEMI GROSS

  19. megan
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    disney channel stars shouldnt do this they have young fans that look up to them they dont want to see this! its gross i thought demi was the normal one out of all the stars!

  20. ladygagme
    Commented on this photo:

    So what is she’s horny, 12 year old girls have feeling too ya know. And of course rehad isn’t working for her, she’s HORNY not addicted to DRUGS.

  21. Ellen
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    and even it was she is bloody well eighteen… let her have her fun… its not even that bad i have saw worse……..
    anyways the point is this isnt Demi……
    so go mind yer own business and leave other peoples business alone……
    and all you haters….. if you hate her why comment and why are you even looking up information about her……. ha

  22. Ellen
    Commented on this photo:

    This aint demi……
    even if it were let her have her fun….
    this picture aint even that bad a mean ive saw worse
    but anyway this isnt demi some mean mean person photoshoped it to make it look like demi………….

  23. Ellen
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    not demi…………….

  24. Kelly
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    Even if this is Demi, These photos arn’t all that bad girls at the age of 16 take pictures like this all the time, and she’s 18 now and just having fun with her friend…also she didn’t go into rehab because she was addicted to drugs she was having weight issue which lead her to cutting…

  25. John
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    Ok, frankly yes this is Demi. But who gives a shit? She’s 18. And if she has young fans so what, they shouldn’t be looking at topics with words like “racy” in them. What she does on screen and what she does in her personal life are two COMPLETELY different things and I don’t see why people get tied up in a TELEVISION STAR’s personal life?!?! She can be an angel on screen and that’s great… but what she does in her personal life should NOT matter at all.

    So get the fuck over it and move on. If you tell your kids to watch a celebrities personal life you are a fucking moron.

  26. Omigod
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    OMIGOD, I don’t believe this, I feel it’s fake. Because Demi would never do something like this right? People are so good at photoshop these days! SCREW THIS!

    • Soph

      People aren’t that that good at photoshop. you can clearly see that it’s her, so either you’re an obsessed pre teen fan or some other retard that actually likes this sort of stuff.

      This just proves; Disney channel stars/role models are all messed up

  27. Alex
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    that is demi u dumb bitch grow some fuckin eyes

  28. demilovatosboy
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    she can do what ever the fuck she wants she demi fucking lovato !!! atleast shes one of the hotter disney stars ^-^

  29. valeria

    k demi es lebiana o k

  30. Abby
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    We all make mistakes. This is Demi making hers. I WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND SUPPORT DEMI LOVATO

  31. jarihkoh
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    who else noticed the creeper in the background?

  32. ???
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    A- you^^^dont need to talk like that…and B- we never know if it is or not!…so calm down okayy:/

  33. Nicolas
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    I now recognize Demi as a slut and lez. She did a good job fucking up her career.

  34. Evelyn
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    You guys should all know that that is not Demi

  35. Caroline Gabla
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    its not demi because she has a cross on her right hand and the person in the picture although they looked like her didnt so ha

  36. raj

    hi my age35 cen u my friand

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