Demi Lovato’s Gorgeous and Unique Red Carpet Style [PHOTOS]

My favorite thing about Demi Lovato wears how versatile her wardrobe is. At one event she’ll look very edgy and rocker chick, and a week later she’ll be in a gorgeous, pastel colored gown looking like the epitome of femininity.

Even when she was trying to pick out what her nails were going to look like for the upcoming episode of X-Factor, some were a little more girly, and the others were rather dark.

Since her Disney days, Lovato has definitely come into her own. Back when she was highly affiliated with the network, her clothes were frumpier and made her appear young. They probably did this to avoid making her looking too old to young viewers.

Which of her outfits are your favorites? Do you prefer her look when it’s classy glam or borderline rocker punk? Launch the gallery and check her out, then give us your thoughts in the comments below!