Demi Lovato Was Not Amused With ‘Annoying Juice’ Joke On ‘The X-Factor’

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In fact, Demi Lovato was so not amused by the joke, that you can actually see her mouthing, “That’s fucked up,” as she watches it.

Sorry, some of you might have no idea what I’m talking about, let me ‘splain. Last night was the finale of The X-Factor. Things seemed to be going well, everyone was happy, then host Mario Lopez started talking about how Demi always seems to annoy Simon Cowell. And how it might have something to do with what she drinks.

Watch the video after the jump. 

That’s when they aired a skit about Demi drinking “annoying juice” that makes her bug Simon. The joke seems especially ill-timed since Demi recently opened up about her struggles with drugs and alcohol, and how she’s finally gotten herself to a good place.

I have to applaud Demi for the way she handled the totally ridiculous video though. When Mario asked her what she thought when it was over, Demi quickly composed herself and responded, “I think it’s very, very clear since I don’t drink anymore ‘Annoying Juice’ has become my new drink and I love it because I get to annoy Simon with it”

I bet someone got fired after this. Check out the annoying juice video below. I know it says Lea Michele’s “Cannonball”, but it’s got annoying juice too. Then you can keep watching and see Lea Michele. Good times. What are your thoughts on the sketch? Sound off in the comments!

Lea Michelle live on The X Factor USA Finale by HumanSlinky