Demi Lovato Opens Up To ‘Elle’ Magazine

Elle Magazine sat down with Demi Lovato, who’s been put through the emotional wringer and lived to tell about it.  After spending three months in an Illinois rehab, Lovato was up front with the media about her struggles with eating, cutting and depression.

Lovato started her career with Barney & Friends at 9.  “That’s when I fell in love with performing,” Lovato told the mag.  “The smell of the set, the way the lights felt on my skin.”  But with that came a slew of issues-Lovato chose to be homeschooled at 12 because she was bullied by classmates.  “Those girls never gave me an explanation for why they were bullying me,” she says. “One of the words they called me was fat. At that age, you think, Oh, so I don’t have friends because I’m fat.”  Just briefly touching on the plane incident that forced her into rehab, Lovato said:

“I was completely out of line all summer,” she says. “Just the worst attitude—totally ungrateful.” During a flight to Peru, Lovato walked up to her backup dancer, then friend Alex Welch, and socked her in the face. “I just felt like she’d betrayed me,” Lovato says. “That’s the bottom line.  When you punch someone on a plane, enough is enough.  Right after, I texted my mom and just said, ‘I’m sorry.’

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We’re glad Lovato’s facing her demons and we support the former Disney star as she continues to get healthy.  PS-The pics from her photoshoot look fabulous.