Demi Lovato Names Britney Spears “Epitome of Pop”

With tonight’s MTV Music Awards closing in, fans aren’t the only ones talking about the competition. Demi Lovato was quoted saying, “She’s the ultimate pop star; nobody can touch her. She’s been around for such a long time now and she’s the epitome of pop,” in reference to none other than Britney Spears.

Rumors have begun to circulate that Britney could be receiving top recognition at this 28th annual event.  She goes on to add, “My favorite Britney Spears song is ‘I Wanna Go.'” A song that could be a continuing theme throughout the night’s broadcast.

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Britney is up for two awards tonight and could be adding to her four awards and five performances she has accumulated since her first appearance in 1999. Demi, seen here entering Perez Hilton’s Pre-VMA party is working on her own singing career, with the single “Skyscraper” climbing the charts this summer and her new album Unbroken being released next month.