Demi Lovato And Britney Spears: Why We Walked Out Of ‘The X-Factor’ Audition [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

Demi Lovato and Britney Spears walked into the Greensboro Colliseum in North Carolina for The X-Factor auditions on July 10th probably winded from hopping from city to city and listening to audition after audition.

The girls and fellow L.A. Reid walked out at one point when an X-Factor hopeful started singing “(You Drive Me) Crazy,” explaining to a journalist why they had to jump ship.

“It was just horrible.  The thing that was bad was, he thought that he was going through, because he thought the cheers were because he was doing such a great job  He was horrific, and we just couldn’t take it anymore,” Reid said, gesturing to himself, Lovato and Spears.  “Simon [Cowell] has a little more patience than we do, so we all walked and we kinda let Simon handle it by himself.”

“I felt really uncomfortable,” Lovato added.

“I was following her,” Spears interjected, pointing to Lovato.  “I was following her lead.”

Hey guys-this isn’t open mic night.  You are judges.  You are supposed to sit through horrible acts and judge.  If you keep getting up every time someone butchers a song, there will be no show.

Catch the full fan video (via KIIS FM 102.7) after the jump.