Debralee Lorenzana Too Hot To Bank

Debralee Lorenzana of Queens, New York is filing a lawsuit against Citibank, alleging they terminated her because the men in suits couldn’t keep their dirty thoughts under control. While I happen to have the same problem (always getting fired ’cause I’m too hot!), I can’t completely feel bad for this woman.

Lorenzana seems to be hamming it up for the Village Voice advocating her cause, but I’m far less inclined to believe her claims when she’s sort of whoring herself out. If she really wanted to make a statement, this would be kept relatively quiet in the media, or if it got out, she wouldn’t be exacerbating the situation by posing as if she is totally stoked about all the work-prejudice she has had to deal with. Citibank is denying it all, of course, but they’re bankers and that’s what they do. God, everyone loses here, right? Even the greater public – stuck banking with uggos.