Debralee Lorenzana Too Hot To Bank

June 3rd, 2010 // 8 Comments

Debralee Lorenzana of Queens, New York is filing a lawsuit against Citibank, alleging they terminated her because the men in suits couldn’t keep their dirty thoughts under control. While I happen to have the same problem (always getting fired ’cause I’m too hot!), I can’t completely feel bad for this woman.

Lorenzana seems to be hamming it up for the Village Voice advocating her cause, but I’m far less inclined to believe her claims when she’s sort of whoring herself out. If she really wanted to make a statement, this would be kept relatively quiet in the media, or if it got out, she wouldn’t be exacerbating the situation by posing as if she is totally stoked about all the work-prejudice she has had to deal with. Citibank is denying it all, of course, but they’re bankers and that’s what they do. God, everyone loses here, right? Even the greater public – stuck banking with uggos.

By Bailey Edwards

  1. geneva

    all too often it’s true that a man can’t keep his tongue from hanging out of his mouth and acting a fool around a woman – but geesh, dressed like that what the hell do you expect. that’s like putting a decadent plate of chocolate all up in my face and expecting me not to want any… don’t dress like a slut and maybe you won’t get treated like one… just saying

  2. ryan

    Pic 3 .. that dot sticking out of the shirt ..
    still dont think it’s unfair though .

  3. Miss Lovely

    Well well! She can’t wear a boxy, loose, conservative suit because she would feel unattractive. She has no self confidence. Beauty is within and will shine whatever you are wearing. If she can’t wear tight clothing then no one would look at her or pay her attention. She thrives on this attention to feel beautiful. People learn to learn yourselves first.

  4. dee cee

    She and Jessica Biel share so many ‘just too beautiful’ problems and lustful heartaches in their stagnant careers.

  5. Ryan

    I don’t think she is that great. There are much better looking bankers out there. This sounds like a publicity stunt to me.

  6. saad

    if the citibank’s employees was distracted by such normal beauty, it would be an enough evidence of the bad performance of the bank.

  7. saad

    if citibank’s employees was distracted by such normal beauty, it would be an enough evidence of the bad performance of the bank.

  8. Jeffrey

    Work is about being professional. Apparently this woman thinks she’s there to flaunt her assets, not manage the banks’. Since this happened there are tons of pics of her posing all over the web. She wants attention. If she was just focused on her job this wouldn’t have been a problem. Instead she goes into work with her nipples popping through her tight shirt and wonders why they asked her to dress more professionally. People, if you’ve ever managed a business you’d know that you need to keep your employees’ attention on the job, not on coworkers. If that means asking an employee to stop dressing like a skank than so be it. Citibank isn’t a fashion show or singles bar, it’s a bank where conservative dress is appropriate. Obviously this woman was already falling short in her duties and was looking for an easy way out. Fortunately for Debralee, I think Hooters is hiring…

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