Debra Opri Gets Zilch from Tha Hoff


A judge ruled that Debra Opri, attorney for Pamela Bach, will not be getting a payday from David Hasselhoff, Pamela’s ex. Opra filed a petition to get tha Hoff to pay $189,000 in legal fees that had accumulated during Opri’s time working for Pamela during the couple’s very public custody battle. According to Superior Court Judge Mark A. Juhas:

“There is no evidence that Ms. Hasselhoff ever affirmatively consented to the filing of the motion, and both Ms. Opri’s and Ms. Hasselhoff’s pleadings are silent in this regard,” Juhas wrote. “It is clear, however, that after the pleadings were filed, Ms. Hasselhoff through her [current] attorney [Mark Vincent Kaplan] on at least two separate occasions indicated that she did not consent to the motions.”

This chica sounds bonkers. She wants everybody to pay her–even the people she’s fighting in court. I bet she sent the judge a bill after hearing his ruling.