Debbie Rowe To Be Star Witness For Jacko Prosecution

MjtrialwatchWhat a mess. Hopefully for Michael’s sake, Lisa Marie won’t be testifying. She’s scare the jury.

Ms Rowe, 37, was married to Jackson for three years and is mother of his children Prince and Paris. But she has now formally been added to the state’s list of witnesses.

Insiders say her testimony is likely to “blow the lid” off Jackson’s bizarre lifestyle.

Since the allegations of child abuse first surfaced, the former nurse has filed to regain custody of their children. She was said to have signed all rights over to Jackson after their 1999 divorce, in a settlement that saw her receive an annual $1million alimony payment and a home in Beverly Hills. [thisislondon]

Mmm. $1 Million a year to pump out two kids, and walk away. What kind of person would agree to that?

Jackson, dressed completely in white, had watched intently as Judge Rodney Melville considered the first batch of 314 potential jurors. Of those, 176 said they did not want to serve, but only three – all heavily pregnant – have been released so far. There is also growing concern over the fact that the applicants are almost all white.

Only three of the potential jurors who have appeared so far are African American, compared with the 29 white men, 26 white women, nine Hispanic men and five Hispanic women.

Michael is devoid of any pigmentation, so why should it matter.