Dear Naked Lohan: Don’t You Dare Airbrush That SCRAM!

Lindsay Lohan is about go to nude. Yes, again. Well, nearly nude, depending on if you consider her SCRAM to be an article of clothing or not.

The 23-year-old skeez beast will pose nude in ads for her 6126 line of handbags (I bet these will do just as well as her line of leggings), which are named after the birthdate of Lohan obsession Marilyn Monroe.

Richard Luna of The California Bag (which licenses the 6126 totes) told that he wasn’t sure if the bracelet would be part of the shoot or not, “We’re thinking of having police on hand so we can remove the ankle bracelet for the pictures,” or they might just airbrush it later.

For heaven’s sake, make the boozer wear it like a fucking scarlet letter and let people know that it’s not a thing you just ‘erase’ from history. She screwed up and she ought to be held accountable and if she’s turning her life around, wonderful – but let it be known that she did make a mistake and is owning it. We can’t all just turn our head and forget for the sake of art. Imagine how history would have turned out if Nazi Germany had the ability to airbrush with Adobe Photoshop.

Her crap handbags will be hitting pricey department stores this fall, retailing between $200 and $600 while a cheaper line, 7286 (Lohan’s birth date), will sell for under $200 at lower-end stores such as Macy’s. Are any of you gonna buy this junk? Check out a gallery of Lindsay and new BFF Eliat Anschel, Ali Lohan (looking terrible) and SCRAM out on the town!