Dear Kim Kardashian: Love The Bangs, Hate The Dress [PHOTOS]

Oh, Kim Kardashian, we really, really need to talk about your latest fashion choices.

Sure you’re pregnant, but that’s not excuse to dress the way you’ve been dressing. We thought we could get past yesterday’s absurdly puffy skirt, but today’s awful dress is proving that we just can’t.

The Keeping Up The Kardashians star was spotted in New York City earlier today wearing a ridiculous bejeweled, tight, gray number. On a scale of 1 to not feeling this, I am off the scale. Let’s break it all down, shall we? 

First off, we get the impulse to show off your belly, but it’s not at a point yet where anyone wants to see it. Two, the bejeweled is TOO much. If you insist on showing your baby bump, you don’t need all that extra stuff. And finally, stop wearing so many high heels. You’re pregnant. Take it easy. Side note: really loving her hair. That is looking excellent.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Kim’s latest maternity style. What do you guys think? Find it as awful as I do? Sound off in the comments!