Dear Gay Guys, Feel Free To Hit On Stephen Amell

There’s no question about the fact that Stephen Amell has a big gay following.

As Chelsea Handler pointed out on a recent episode of Chelsea Lately, Stephen has played a lot of gay characters during his career. But she did clarify, “I want people to know not to hit on you if they’re men.”

And this is when Stephen’s adorableness became too much to handle. He told the crowd, “People can hit on me if they want to.” Hear that world? Feel free to hit on Stephen Amell. 

I mean, have you see his abs? And now that he’s a DILF it just makes him even more desirable. Also, how did I not know that Stephen was on Dante’s Cove? “That was an all-gay soap opera where I was the villain because I was the straight character,” Stephen explained. “I couldn’t do the second season, and in the second season, my character went from not gay to really, really, really gay.”

So, I’m thinking it’s time for a Stephen Amell career screening. Anyone care to join me? I’ll grab the popcorn, you bring the wine. But make sure it’s Stephen’s rosé wine, or as he called it, “Pink Wine for Dudes.” I love when sexy dudes are also awesome in real life and Stephen totally fits the bill.