Dean Geyer Covers Bello Mag! [PHOTOS]

Glee stud Dean Geyer is a cover boy!

On Glee he’s that NYADA hottie who’s been wooing Rachel Berry. But for fans overseas, Dean Geyer is an Australian Idol alum who’s had his fair share of heartbreak on the Aussie soap Neighbours. And now that he’s come Stateside, this South African-born heartthrob is garnering the attention of a new audience.

He sings! He acts! He models! And he’s chatting with us about life in a brand new spotlight.

Dean chatted with Bello about that shower scene that introduced his character on Glee to the world! 

“I was completely fine with it. Thank goodness I have been going to the gym recently! The glee audience has seen many shirtless scenes with a bunch of the guys on the show, so I don’t think it was anything new to them. It’s just like going to the beach. Nobody makes a big deal about being seen in a bathing suit and a bikini in public. But as soon as it’s anywhere other than a pool or a beach it becomes a little ‘racier’. I’ve played sports my whole life, so I’m comfortable with my shirt being off in front of people. I think the best part of the scene was the song choice as I stepped out of the shower!”

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