Deaf Does Not Become Her

Oh Foxy. You would have thought that Foxy Brown may have been humbled by her loss of hearing. Used the experience to become a new woman. Not on your life.

A judge on Friday ordered hip-hop artist Foxy Brown handcuffed to her seat in court until she apologized for sticking out her tongue during a hearing stemming from the rapper’s 2004 arrest on assault charges.

The 26-year-old rapper originally faced the more serious charge of assault. She was accused of attacking two nail salon stylists in August 2004 in a dispute over payment for a $20 manicure Brown said she never received. In order for the judge to accept her plea to the reduced citation of disorderly conduct, Brown had to admit in court to certain aspects of the incident.

But each time Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson called Brown’s case on Friday, the rap artist balked at going through with the proceedings. As Brown faced the judge for a third time and declined to respond to questions, Jackson lost her patience.

“This is the third time you are before me performing today, and you are making faces and sticking out your tongue,” Jackson told her, adding, “Are you chewing gum?” With that, Brown stuck her tongue way out of her mouth as if being examined by a doctor.

“You stuck your tongue out at me. You are showing disrespect for the court,” the judge snapped. She then ordered Brown handcuffed to her seat in the well of the courtroom until she apologized.

Brown’s lawyer, Joseph Fleming, interjected that his client was having difficulties understanding the proceedings due to a severe hearing loss the rapper recently has claimed to have suffered. “She (Brown) cannot hear. She’s deaf. She opened her mouth, your honor, only to show you she wasn’t chewing gum,” Fleming told Jackson.

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