“Dawson’s Creek” Exec Dropped The C-Bomb On Michelle Williams

May 3rd, 2007 // 5 Comments


God, I miss Pacey. I don’t miss Joshua Jackson, I miss Pacey. He was so earthy and wise and snarky and cutesy. With the Dad who didn’t like him and the first season when he confessed he whacked off all the time in the “Breakfast Club”-type episde. *sigh* And I loved when he stole Joey from Dawson. That was a move that had to happen because the damn show should have been called “Pacey’s Creek”. Anyway, apparently one of the executives who ran the show didn’t love Michelle Williams or her character and used the dirtiest word in the English language to describe her . The word that ladies either like or really really loathe. See you next Tuesday, Michelle!

The upcoming book “Billion-Dollar Kiss: The Kiss that Saved ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and Other Adventures in TV Writing” ($27, Gotham Books) will likely be much-discussed by TV insiders. It’s not exactly a roman-a-clef — author Jeffrey Stepakoff rarely names names in his memoir about life as a writer for prime-time TV shows, including “Dawson’s Creek,” “Hyperion Bay” and “Major Dad” — but he does offer some much-needed insight on the TV creation process.

More C-bomb details are after the jump!

But there is one revelation that’s bound to get tongues wagging around Hollywood. He quotes former WB executive John Litvack, now a co-executive producer on The CW’s “Smallville,” as referring to “Dawson’s” cast member Michelle Williams as a “chipmunk-cheeked [a vulgarity that rhymes with 'punt']!”

The anecdote comes as Stepakoff recounts Litvack’s “guidance” of a couple of shows during his tenure as a WB executive. In this instance, Litvack did not cotton to a story pitched for Williams’ character, cutting off a writer making the pitch with, “I don’t care about that chipmunk-cheeked [see above]!”

Nothing shocks me. But I’d much rather read about him saying “why do we have the show named after that whiny hydrocephalic homosexual who everyone hates?” That boy’s head is bigger than mine and I’ve GOT A HUGE HEAD.

By J. Harvey

  1. pizda

    Nothing new, so people that work together may loathe each other. Now she snagged herself a movie star daddy and a cute baby, while this guy still writing for another TV show. Whose the cunt?

  2. Elaine

    I love the part where it says he rarely discloses names in his memoir. Methinks that is due the the fact he was a writer for such tv classics as Hyperion Bay and Major Dad. Hence, name-dropping would be remarkably meaningless seeing as 99.8% of the population has never watched or heard of said shows.

    As for Michelle Williams being called a cunt, I’m not really surprised. In my opinion, she’s always given off some strong bitchy vibes. And I was never a fan of Jen on Dawson’s Creek. They should have sent Jen and Dawson off rowboating into the sunset, never to return, after the 2nd season or so.

  3. Jane

    Michelle is the type of girl who goes after guys in serious relatonships and is terribly nice to them but a total b-tch to anybody else….I agree, she is a c-nt and she used her c-nt to trap Heath Ledger….although he deserved it, as he too is a c-nt.

  4. MJK

    Good to know that the whole Brokeback/Ledger thing didn’t change Michelle. Seems she’s always been a pretentious c*nt.

  5. Sarah

    What the hell is a matter with you people??? She lost her daughter’s father and have any of you ever met her? Haven’t you all been told at one point or another to not judge a book by it’s cover?

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