David Spade Address The Locklear/Richards Situation

While Denise Richards or Heather Locklear haven’t talked publicly (I’m sure Diane Sawyer is on the phone right now) about the back stabbing yet, Heather Locklear’s current boyfriend, David Spade is. He revealed to US Weekly that Heather is currently nursing her wounds.

Us: What can you tell us about the new budding romance between Denise Richards and Richie Sambora? How is Heather coping?

DS: All I know is she’s home nursing her knife wounds in the back tonight.

Us: How do you feel about it?

DS: That whole thing – objectively — looks a little rough. But I think that’s the common opinion. Guys you can kind of not trust. But girls usually cover each other. That’s why that makes that rougher than usual.

I guess he doesn’t know women that well after all.

As I’ve said before, the timing seems very odd for this whole relationship to have surfaced, but the relationship seems as if it has been going on for longer than we have thought. Is Denise Richards a coniving, backstabbing bitch? She may be to Heather Locklear. After all it was Denise who encouraged Heather to divorce her husband Richie Sambora. Rumor has it, that the two have been going at it for quite some time; Denise and Richie that is.

Spade Says Locklear is “Nursing Wounds” [US Weekly]