David Letterman’s Son’s Kidnap Plotter Escapes From Prison

June 10th, 2007 // 4 Comments

Someone better be ramping up the security. Kelly A. Frank, once accused of plotting to kidnap David Letterman’s son, escaped while working at the Montana State Prison’s ranch on Friday. The charge of charge of solicitation to kidnap was dropped in exchange for guilty pleas on three other charges, including felony theft and misdemeanor obstruction.

Kelly A. Frank, 45, and convicted burglar William J. Willcutt, 22, were assigned to a crew that moves irrigation pipe at the ranch, prison officials said.

A supervisor noticed Willcutt and a truck were missing Friday afternoon, a prison statement said. The prison was locked down and an inmate count showed Frank was also gone.

The truck was later found off prison property near Deer Lodge, in western Montana.

Department of Corrections spokesman Bob Anez would not say where the truck was found, but he said ground crews and the crew of a Highway Patrol helicopter focused their search Saturday on an area between Deer Lodge and Anaconda. Crews planned to search through the night.

Frank was arrested in March 2005 on allegations that he had devised a plan to kidnap Letterman’s son, lied to investigators and overcharged Letterman for painting work at his ranch.

Letterman’s publicist has yet to make a statement.


By Jessica Marx

  1. LM

    Utterly chilling. We share the same pediatrician and his family could not be more lovely. Hope they ramp up the protection.

  2. Jonz

    How utterly stupid and irresponsible of you to post these pics with the child’s face showing. Nothing like helping any would-be abductors out there. The mind boggles.

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