David LaChappelle Calls Madonna “Nasty”

December 1st, 2006 // 1 Comment

David LaChappelle nixed a job he was set to do, directing Madonna’s music video for her single, “Hung Up,” when he started to really reflect on what exactly such a job would entail.

He explains, “I had written the scenario, was paid for the concept. “But after Rize, when I started to analyse what made me happy or not, I understood that she was not the person with who I wished to collaborate. “She is nice when you are alone with her, but when you work for her, she can be very… nasty. She is with people she employs. I didn’t want to be tortured. “I don’t have anything against difficulties, but there, that would have been unpleasant. I would not have had fun. There is a part of cruelty in her.”

Hmm…I just hope she understands that adopting a baby isn’t the same as hiring a person. Otherwise, run little David Banda, run far, far away.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. HildaBooze

    And don’t get him started on those Simpson Girls either

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