David LaChapelle’s ‘Heaven To Hell’

David LaChapelle celebrated the release “Heaven To Hell,” the third book in his trilogy at a book signing. As per David, he attracted some unique fans. A little about the book:

LaChapelle Heaven to Hell is the long-awaited third volume in an exhilarating trilogy that began with LaChapelle Land (1996) and continued with the infamous Hotel LaChapelle (1999). Packed with astonishing, color-saturated, and provocative images, those titles both became instant collector’s items and have since gone through multiple printings. Featuring almost twice as many images as its predecessors, LaChapelle Heaven to Hell is an explosive compilation of new work by the visionary photographer. Since the publication of Hotel LaChapelle, the strength of LaChapelle’s work lies in its ability to focus the lens of celebrity and fashion toward more pressing issues of societal concern.

More photos of David LaChapelle and his fans as he signs copies of his new book ‘Heaven To Hell’ held at Taschen store in Beverly Hills are after the jump.

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