David Duchovny Talks Sex And ‘Californication’

June 7th, 2009 // 6 Comments

Star of Californication David Duchovny was surprised with the exclamation from a fan at the Los Angeles Times Envelope Emmy screening series presentation of his Showtime series.

Quite suddenly, someone yelled, “We want to talk about your sex addiction!” when a technical glitch had postponed a screening of an episode of Californication. At that point, the Q&A part of the evening had started.

David did his best to ignore the question and continued instead to answer questions about the show. In particular, he was quizzed about the over-the-top love scenes.

Duchovny explained, “The sex stuff, all that, we really don’t concern ourselves with it. Honestly. It’s like, it’s a scene or it’s not a scene. It’s got truth or it’s not got truth. It’s funny or it’s not funny. It’s in character or it’s not. And that’s all that we concern ourselves with. You know, it’s boring. But that’s why we’re good.”

Gotcha. Good equals boring sex.

Gallery Info: David Duchovny seen leaving a yoga class in Brentwood, California.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Mia

    Nothing but a Crappy Actor, Crappy Husband and Crappy Father !!!!!!
    Hopefully this will seal his fate and we won’t be subjected to his Shit acting or annoyed by his stupid face in magazines.
    Please, just go away already.

  2. Benhur

    Wow, Mia, tell us how you really feel. Having met the man and spent several hours in his company, I found him articulate, kind, generous and thoughtful. Perhaps all of us should remember that there are always two sides to a story, and always information to which we won’t be a party. It was tasteless of the fan (or reporter) to yell out that question, but your little comment above was totally reprehensible.

  3. Catherine

    Benhur, you’re totally correct. David is an extremely intelligent and caring human being, and only idiots who believe all the tabloid trash that’s printed would spout off like “Mia”.
    If everyone believed all the trash that’s printed about ALL celebrities, then every single celebrity would be judged as a horrid person and would be hated by everyone like Mia.
    So “Mia”, the truth is, maybe a lot of people think you’re a shitty human being and that YOU should just go away. You sound like someone who has the intelligence level of a maggot (actually that’s an insult to maggots) and it’s probably a given that you spend your time in grocery line-ups reading The National Enquirer and posting “1st! 1st! 1st!” on Perez Hilton’s website. So now go and crawl back under that rock you came out from and keep reading your latest copy of The Enquirer.

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