David Duchovny Talks Sex And ‘Californication’

Star of Californication David Duchovny was surprised with the exclamation from a fan at the Los Angeles Times Envelope Emmy screening series presentation of his Showtime series.

Quite suddenly, someone yelled, “We want to talk about your sex addiction!” when a technical glitch had postponed a screening of an episode of Californication. At that point, the Q&A part of the evening had started.

David did his best to ignore the question and continued instead to answer questions about the show. In particular, he was quizzed about the over-the-top love scenes.

Duchovny explained, “The sex stuff, all that, we really don’t concern ourselves with it. Honestly. It’s like, it’s a scene or it’s not a scene. It’s got truth or it’s not got truth. It’s funny or it’s not funny. It’s in character or it’s not. And that’s all that we concern ourselves with. You know, it’s boring. But that’s why we’re good.”

Gotcha. Good equals boring sex.

Gallery Info: David Duchovny seen leaving a yoga class in Brentwood, California.