David Cook Leaves A Light On For You

September 24th, 2008 // 7 Comments

Recent American Idol champion David Cook has released his first single titled, “Light On.” I didn’t pay too much attention to America Idol this season — but is David like Chris Daughtry with hair and guyliner?

I have to wonder if smug David is still dating his idol competition Kimberly Caldwell because this sounds like some sort of half-break up song about kicking your girl to the curb, but leaving your light on in your house so she doesn’t feel so bad. Am I wrong? It’s early.

David’s untitled album will be released on November 18, and “Light On” will be available on iTunes September 30.

By Intern Traci

  1. hiedi

    The song was written by Chris Cornell and Brian Howe….long before David Cook won American Idol, so I’m sure it has nothing to do with his dating life. I think it’s just kind of a generic situation about missing loved ones in your life. Which will translate to good radio airplay because of it’s relatability.

  2. Gina

    I LOVE THIS SONG. I can’t stop listening to it and I can’t wait to see David Cook perform it live in concert.

    It doesn’t sound like a break up song to me AT ALL, it sounds like a bitter-sweet sentiment about staying connected and grounded while you go out to light up the rest of the world… because as some have said, you can have it all, but not all at the same time.

    Whether or not this song is quintessential David remains to be seen but come on, it is a beautiful song that you have to sing along loudly to over and over and over. Seriously.

  3. Sherry

    I think it sounds more like a song about someone forced to leave someone they love behind, like soldiers going to war or even a musician heading out on tour.

    On the other hand, if you know how his brother is battling cancer, it could strike a very personal chord for David in a completely non-love song kind of way too.

    I think the song is just fantastic.

  4. midnite rider

    I really wanted to like this single, but I just can’t. David’s uniqueness does not translate in the song. There is nothing separating this release from run of the mill Daughtry or Nickelback release – who he should be trying to separate himself from with a quickness. Aside from writing the song, there is way too much of Chris Cornell’s vibe in it – the music sounds too much like Soundgarden, and if you close your eyes and listen closely, it sounds like Cornell is singing. If I wanted a Chris Cornell record, I would buy one from Chris Cornell. I didn’t expect to hear David lose so much of what makes him special…his fans from the show will buy it in droves… I’m not so sure he will have such an easy sell to the public at large… I’m lowering my previous expectations for the album, and hope there is more authentic and substantive David Cook material in it.

  5. midnite rider

    The single is a disappointment. All the hype from RCA leading up to its release had one thinking it was gonna be something original – heck, in a recent Rolling Stone blurb, Cook even made comparisons to the material on this upcoming album to U2′s The Joshua Tree and The Beatles White album… such hubris is deserving of scorn after listening to what clearly is a Cornell laced throwaway… It would have been better if Cornell had sang it – then we’d have an authentic release from an authentic rocker.

  6. dany

    I like the melody. Somebody said that the lyrics tell a story of someone who has to leave home on a journey and is asking his loved ones to “leave a light on” for him. Yeah, that’s how I hear it too. Kind of sweet and sad.

    It’s got a great singalong chorus which kind of gets stuck in your head after a while, and his voice just soars all the way. But he saves the best for last – there’s a quiet part at the end where he lowers his voice and just kind of “talks” the verse to you. Love it. Great start.

    And how awesome is it that Chris Cornell wrote this song? Just wow. At least Chris must think he’s the real deal.

  7. kelly200

    This song is a waste of my time! he will be with the rest of American idol reject! GONE and FORGOTTEN!

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