David Boreanaz’s Belt Buckle Says It All…

July 23rd, 2010 // 12 Comments

David Boreanaz‘s rep has stepped forward to say that there is no truth to the allegations that the actor sexually harassed an extra on his hit tv show Bones. First thing is first, someone should tell him to ditch the belt buckle he’s wearing in the gallery below. It doesn’t help anything and makes him more trashy than necessary.
Actress Kristina Hagan has filed suit against Boreanaz, alleging he made a series of unwanted sexual advances towards her last year while they worked on the program together. She claims Boreanaz’s alleged bad behavior included sending “inappropriate text messages,” masturbating in front of her and attempting to “kiss her and touch her breasts.”

How does someone fullly engage in unsolicited masturbation in front of another person? And if that does happen, why does it get to that point when you realize that it’s probably time to go? As if there’s no behavior leading up to that. Also, why would an extra give her phone # to Boreanaz? You get my gist?
Boreanaz is currently undergoing counseling sessions with his wife Jaime Bergman in a bid to save their marriage after he recently confessed to an affair.

By Justin Thompson

  1. Nadia

    Just so you know: the belt buckle is actually from his show. His character wears it all the time… These picts could have been taken during the taping of ‘Bones’. Just saying…

  2. Allison

    ^Yeah, like the other person said: his character has worn that belt in literally like every episode of Bones. So that’s definitely a picture from the set.

  3. caprica

    ^ What they just said.

    Plus, the woman’s allegations concern things that PRESUMABLY happened in August last year (before his indiscretions became public), not now.

    Plus, her story has more holes than a fishnet: – the numerous private meetings with a man who supposedly harassed her (why would she stay AND then come back FOR MORE if she was “horrified”? for a job? suuure!); – the timing of the events (Aug-Sept 2009, when did he find the time to “juggle” so many mistresses AND shoot the scenes for his show?); – the timing of the legal suit (a YEAR after?!).

    He obviously likes sex A LOT and cheated on his wife, but that does not make him a sexual predator, just an adulterer. It also makes him an easy target for: A) the infamous “lawyer of the whores”; B) ALL the scorned women from his past.

  4. Ed

    Well, as everyone else as posted, that belt buckle has been seen numerous times on “Bones”. Here’s hoping that posting this and the accompanying snide remarks are an error. The woman who has filed the law suit doesn’t make me a believer that she speaks the truth. Her whole story has holes throughout it and her choice of an attorney makes this whole thing smell like five day old garbage.

  5. Troy

    It’s amazing how many people will defend celebrities and make excuses for them.

    • Justin Thompson

      Troy I agree. I always wonder why people are here defending people, as if they are on their payroll or Christmas card list?

  6. Ed

    Gee, Justin, maybe your less than stellar “comments” are being questioned, because, instead of checking for accuracy, (or where that photo came from), you were more interested in getting your article up. As far as defending anyone–I guess instead of being Innocent until proven guilty–you have decided for everyone he’s guilty so just hang him. I hope you are never placed on a jury anyway–your mind’s made up going in. Pardon me for not agreeing with you.

    • Justin Thompson

      Folks…I realized that this was him on the set. What ass-bag would actually wear a belt buckle like that in real life? No one I’d get within 10 miles of.

      Again, Ed, I hope that Boreanaz is paying you well to come here and defend his honorable name.

      Did everyone forget that this is a GOSSIP blog? Go to cnn.com if you want news.

  7. Ed

    Temper, temper Justin. If you realized this was him on the set, why pretend it wasn’t? (Oh wait, I know, to slip in your “trashy” remark.) I was the third person to point out that this had to do with his show–yet, you keep saying I’m being paid well to defend him. Read my comments Justin, I did not defend him, I only pointed out the picture was related to his show and that I doubted the validity of the woman’s story. Yet in your mind, that means I’m defending “his honorable name”. If you are posting inaccurate errors and don’t want to know it, perhaps you shouldn’t have a “Leave a comment” section. That applies to both GOSSIP and CNN.

  8. Ed

    Likewise, Justin.

  9. Joy

    Oh, please. Cheating on his wife and sexually harassing someone are two ENTIRELY different things. This woman is so full of BS, it’s not even funny.

    I agree with most of what you said, caprica. Except for one thing. I can see your point about questioning how he would have the time to juggle all these mistresses while filming his show, but a) he’s been cheating on his wife for years and b) he’s believed to be the blind vice on E! Online about the actor with a rotation of ‘working girls’ and ‘extras’ onset that he likes to sleep with. So, that wouldn’t be that hard to do. Plus, if Tiger Wood could juggle 17 mistresses while being a pro golfer, David sure as hell can handle a lot less while filming Bones. My personal opinion of course and still a big fan of his regardless. None of this came as a surprise to me, since the cheating stories have been going around since his first marriage back when he started on BTVS.

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