David Bekham’s World Cup Ambitions Over With Serious Injury

You know what’s it like to work so hard and put your body through rigorous training just to watch your dreams suddenly slip away at the snap of a tendon? Well I don’t, but I also don’t like putting myself in any position of possible pain.

David Beckham has been playing in Italy for AC Milan, hoping to go to the his fourth world cup, but yesterday, at a game against Chievo, Beckham tore his left Achilles tendon. Ouuuuuuch! He is seeing a specialist in Finalnd today and will likely have to undergo an operation. He is out for at least three months, making a trip to this year’s world cup in South Africa very unlikely. Friends told People magazine that the 34-year-old is not done with soccer and he has “plenty of years ahead of him.”

Beckham’s wife and occasional View co-ost, Victoria Beckham, is traveling to be by his side today. We’re not sure if she is bringing the stylish kiddies.

Here’s some shot of the game. Not sure if the pictures of him on the ground is where the injury happened. I tried to search for some video, but all I really found was him limping around. Wow, soccer photos really do make amazing pictures. It almost makes me want to play something competitive. Almost.