David Beckham Wants You To Say It To His Face

David Beckham was headed back to the locker room after a loss on Friday night, when a fan (or paparazzi – I can’t tell), yelled out, “Stop with the prostitutes.”

Well, Beckham turned right around and headed back to the direction of the guy who yelled it out (with the video camera) and gets right up in the guy’s face, asking if he’d care to repeat himself.

The heckler cowers, insisting it wasn’t him and Beckham points out he has a Galaxy t-shirt on and then as he walks away, reminds said heckler to say it to his face. You can watch the clip after the jump!

Usually Becks keeps his cool, but apparently the rumors started by Irma Nezirovic have unnerved him and probably his family.

He left LA and flew to Trinidad & Tobago, where he’s seen above coaching some kids during a training session for local players.