David Beckham Visits Troops In Afghanistan

David Beckham
commended the work of the over 9,000 British troops in Afghanistan during a visit this weekend. The trip included meeting with and signing autographs for soldiers, taking a tour of the base and learning how to use their weapons. As a dad with kids of his own, meeting the soldiers really struck a chord with Beckham.

“To see the morale of the troops is really incredible,” the soccer star said. “You can see the faces, you can see obviously they know they are leaving their families, but they’re so focused and they’ve got this look in their eyes that they’re just so confident and just ready. That really is an unbelievable sight to see, and you feel it as well.”

Are we seeing a softer side of Becks? Now that he’s based home in LA, will he perhaps nix his gig in Spain in order to stay closer to his family, after seeing others risk so much so far away?

“It just really is scary work,” he reflected. “These guys are the bravest people that I’ve ever met and it really is, it truly is, an honor to be here.”