David Beckham Takes His Mind Off World Cup With Basketball

The NBA conference finals are always a good time, especially when the Lakers are involved, plus the games always make it fun to stargaze.

David Beckham has something to take his mind off the fact that he should have been at training camp for the World Cup. I thought he also brought along a homeless man to occupying himself with some charity, but that’s Anthony Kiedis. Beckham did do some nice deeds by trading hair tips with Zac Efron (you mean it doesn’t have to tidal wave back into my skull?) and nodded his head patiently while Jeremy Piven told him he knows what it’s like to sit out over an injury .

Vampire Diaries costars Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder (and might as well start a speculative rumor here, couple?) sat in the front in some we’re-so-indie garb, while Jonah Hill looked confused gazing at Adam Levine and giving him a high five (Wah? Me?)

That shot of Anthony, David, and Adam going nuts with the other fans is great! You need to see Anthony go from wide eyed watcher to the only participant in a mad dash.

If I had to sit next to anyone it would be Morgan Freeman. I would ask him to narrate the game for me like he was doing voice overs for Shawshank. I don’t think Jack Nicolson would allow talking…

Check out which other celebs were there and who sat rows back and which sat courtside (Meredith?)