David Beckham Plays Footsie

And not with Victoria Beckham, but with Victoria present. Dum, dum!

Now, in the view of one eagle-eyed magazine editor at least, it appears the most famous foot in Britain has committed another infringement. A close look at this picture of the England captain and his wife Victoria dining with friends suggests he has slipped off his sandal and is inviting his female guest to partake in the contact sport commonly known as footsie.

Mrs Beckham, left, appears blissfully unaware of the below-table goings on and seems more concerned with casting a spell on the photographer. The pictures of the foursome, taken in the Spanish city of Seville, were published in a number of newspapers two months ago without anyone spotting the foul play, which was picked up by the British magazine Sneak.

If Joan Rivers had something to say about it, she’d tell Becks to go right ahead and fuck the other woman.

Rivers tells Attitude magazine, “David Beckham is a national treasure because he cheated on his wife, who I understand is very, very rude.

“I’ve never met her, but I always ask taxi drivers, limo drivers and airport cleaners and always the same names come up – and she is right up on top of the list.

“I think if he’s got that kind of arrogant shrew, I hope he screws everything that’s not tied down.”

Now tell us Joan, how do you really feel? What did Posh ever do to Joan?

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