David Beckham In The Morning

October 4th, 2005 // 22 Comments

Grabbing his junk. Typical male.

(Images via Oh la la Paris)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. John Garvey

    I’m feeling a little itchy scratchy myself this morning.

  2. Voteforsummer

    what a beautiful morning…

  3. brent

    these look like they’re from a while ago. he no longer has a shaved head.

  4. mischa

    They’re from like a year ago. I don’t really know about him. Can’t quite decide if I like him or not. Anyway…

  5. foaming at the mouth

    the man is so beautiful, i’m just so sorry he’s married to that twig of a wife…yum

  6. Icequeen

    Haha yeah like that held the man back before.

  7. netty

    WHAT A HOTTIE!!! I’lll take him morning, noon and night!

  8. mimi

    he is a babe, but he has a really annoying voice. And bad taste in women

  9. nana

    Wow-and it looks like he has a LOT to grab! Nice.

  10. Johnny Chicago

    We men scratch our junk because it’s there!

    You women are so jealous because we have outies and you have innies that collect fungus, stink when not cared for properly, bleed every 28 or so days, and most of all, you sit on it instead of selling it! (look at our new Supreme Court nominee – she worked that pussy!)

    Oh yeah, babies come out of it too.


  11. johnny sucks

    johnny chicago, it seems to me you’ve got a pretty nasty mysoginist streak in you. look it up if you don’t know what it means. oh the lucky girl who gets to date you.

  12. Mariana

    King of all chavs.

  13. Barry

    I’d love to see his pinga. Would love to suck his pinga. Would love to ……………

  14. stef

    that’s not david beckham. look closely. that’s not his nose and jaw. the ears are wrong too, too pointy.

  15. Andy W

    I know the perfect place for him to put his junk.

  16. doofus

    just FYI, johnny chicago…

    men’s instruments stink when not properly cared for, too.

    and yes, uncut men can collect fungus, too. and bacteria, and “toe” cheese, and…EW.

    as elaine once said, I don’t know you guys walk around with those things.

  17. toof

    that is david beckham, he has the same tattoos as the hottie married to that wench posh

  18. K.Marie

    Damn…Ohh the things I would do to him.

  19. Natalie

    Love the Beckhams!!!….too bad they are plastic ego-centric people. Can’t help it y’all!!! It’s like a disease lovin’ these people. Especially since I know how dumb they both are…David’s got a Hindu tattoo that spells out Victoria…only problem…her name is spelled wrong in Hindu!!!! LOL!

  20. Cattt

    Oh my! : ) … I would love to wake up to that.

  21. emma peel

    What a beautiful sight!

  22. kim

    Very old photos, a year or two ago, if not more…been watching this guy since the mid-90s. May be an old photo…but man, thanks for the memories!!! If you kids are interested…check out http://www.boredofthebeckhams.com..witty t-shirts!

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