David Beckham – Hot Body of the Week

August 14th, 2003 // 11 Comments

Posh Spice’s soccer superstar. You may have to call the police for some indecent exposure.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. flustered

    Hot!! Beckham is sooooo gorgeous!!
    Vctoria Beckham is the world luckiest woman! Cow!

  2. Anonymous

    hi david
    i am so happy to write this massage for you.
    I love you &your wife so much.
    i am from iran although i know you dont like my country.
    I wish you will be successful and happy and have a very good time with your family.

  3. julia

    hi david, how ru there? i miss u so much,may god bless to ur family. By the way,can u give me ur nude or naked picture for me pls,i really wanna see urs :) ok! and please dont forget to reply this message ok,BYE, C U SOON. MMMUAAAHH!!!!

  4. abbey

    hi dacid
    i love u but despise your wife she is such a bitch.
    she has u but doesnt look after u
    if u were mine i would be there 24/7
    your only 14 years older then me
    i love u

  5. kewell sux

    hey daVid

    i love u so much
    i am goin to marry u wen u divorce POSH she is such a itch and i hate her
    u will be mine one day
    one day very soon
    i love u lots

    lots of love from your future wife kewell sux

  6. Jo O'Brien

    Hey David I want to be with you day and Nite. I have these dreams that I give you the greatest pleasure possibl and you do the same for me . Break it off with your wife for pleasure and Fuk me!

  7. JO Obrien

    I take it back not only is Job younger but he’s hotter and Fuks harder

  8. becks is hot

    hey dave mate
    wat ya been up to
    i havent been up to muchjust lookin at pics of u i could do it all day
    u r my hero and my future husband.
    jo obrien sux dont listen to her
    your mine and u always have been and u always will be
    i love u lots
    u r so hot
    when r u gonna get divorced
    it has to be soon
    u no u want me not her
    im better and i play soccer just 4 u

  9. melly

    david beckham is so GAY!
    girls get a LIFE!

  10. LOVELY


  11. kas

    jen is average in an inside and the external surface.
    pitt chooses jolie and is wise.

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