David Beckham Doing What He Does Best

Well, I guess he does do some soccer-playing in his free time, but seriously, guys, Beckham’s place is on a billboard. Here he looks like he is giving serious “tiger eyes” that would make Tyra Banks herself proud for the new ad campaign for the Motorola RAZR2 phone. The footballing icon shows that even with an injury here and there, he’s still ready, willing and able to pose for the camera. And as much as he enjoys his place in front of the photographer’s lens, it appears that those of us hoping to see him on the small screen with a guest appearance on “Desperate Housewives” shouldn’t hold our breath. According to Extra, Eva Longoria said that Victoria Beckham’s reaction to the rumor said it all.

“She was laughing. David had a good laugh out of it. They’re not coming on the show.”

So sad. Actually, it’s probably for the best. It’s much cuter when it isn’t speaking.