David Beckham Doing What He Does Best

September 14th, 2007 // 20 Comments

Well, I guess he does do some soccer-playing in his free time, but seriously, guys, Beckham’s place is on a billboard. Here he looks like he is giving serious “tiger eyes” that would make Tyra Banks herself proud for the new ad campaign for the Motorola RAZR2 phone. The footballing icon shows that even with an injury here and there, he’s still ready, willing and able to pose for the camera. And as much as he enjoys his place in front of the photographer’s lens, it appears that those of us hoping to see him on the small screen with a guest appearance on “Desperate Housewives” shouldn’t hold our breath. According to Extra, Eva Longoria said that Victoria Beckham’s reaction to the rumor said it all.

“She was laughing. David had a good laugh out of it. They’re not coming on the show.”

So sad. Actually, it’s probably for the best. It’s much cuter when it isn’t speaking.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Zelda

    Jesus, that’s a phone?? I mean, I get it, thin is in. But after a point it’s ridiculous–not to mention it’s harder to hold onto the damn things. Maybe that’s their master plan…thinner phones = more dropped and broken = more purchased

  2. amanda

    It’s much cuter when it isn’t speaking.


  3. Persistent Cat

    Seriously Zelda, you noticed the phone??? That is the hottest man on the planet. That third picture has been our wallpaper for weeks and oddly enough, my husband hasn’t made me get rid of it.

  4. Sideways that man needs to be tapped. Im willing to try. Whoever says beauty is in the eye of the beholder has not seen David. I sware their are girls who say i would never date a white dude or white girls i dont like pretty guys or guys saying im not a f*g and they have to admit david is gorgeous.

    I used to hate posh but she keeps her stuff together fresh to death at all times. You know she looks great in sweat pants you just wont see her.

  5. ya ya

    ****** I want him bad.

  6. ZeldaF

    David is the original, ultimate metro-sexual. I’ve been watching him for years; and he just keeps getting better and better. Age hasn’t diminished his beauty one bit! Posh? I saw her “Coming to America” and I liked her! I think she’d be fun to have a few martini’s with. What I really like is that she totally blew off Paris. Like “not on your effing life am I going to be friends with you, Paris”. Sasha: GOOD GIRL!!!

  7. Diana

    Hes got a handsome body, but those tats are disgusting, just ruins it all since he looks like he could rob me after finishing his mayonnaise sandwich.

  8. jbonz

    “Uhhh… I can’t…believe… it’s not uhh… butter?”

  9. Doing WHAT? Being the goddamn Faggot withose other ass-palls in crime tommy cruise and perez hilton!! Show America why we call you LOZER. Try the fuck another nanny and go right back to England.

  10. eseu

    I agree “speaking” will be too much for DAVID. I guess he is a dump ass who probably haven’t read a whole novel like his wife. They just rely on the cameras.

  11. Randi

    Good grief but he looks so much better without that minging attention ho hanging off him. I highly suspect that isn’t a phone wrapped around his neck, its probably some sort of monitoring system that’ll alert his wench where he is at all times and give him electric shocks when he’s looking at another woman and/or when he’s in front of a camera and she isn’t there to suck like a vacuum cleaner on his photo ops.

  12. ZeldaF

    Again…. At least Britain exports world class soccer players, Gerard. NOT known for exporting stinky cheese and eating sea eels.

  13. green cardigan

    Calling David Beckham a ‘world class soccer player’ is stretching the truth slightly. He simply isn’t , and never was.
    He has a world class image which distracts from the fact that he is an average player. He’s just the best known soccer player because he uses his mug to plug everything from aftershave to phones to sunglasses.

    Personally, his appeal is lost on me. He looks like he files his nails. Give me Roy Keane or Zinedine Zidan anyday .

  14. *Sigh*

    That look? I’s Blue Steel. He won the walk-off.

  15. ZeldaF

    But Green…. In his day, which is several years ago, David Beckham WAS a world class soocer player, nobody was as good as Beckham 10 years ago, n’est pas? Maybe not so much now, he’s older, but when he was young and with Manchester United, Beckham was THE MAN.

  16. green cardigan

    ZeldaF – 10 years ago he was 22 , 23 and an ‘up and coming’ in Man Utd. That was around the time he met Posh and the whole Posh N Becks machine started to roll, and personally I don’t think he ever really reached his full potential as a soccer player. He was as good as his peers but he was never a Wayne Rooney for instance.

    He has always had two careers Beckham the Soccer Player and Beckham the Male Model/Gay Icon/Sex God. His career with Real Madrid was mediocre, his stint as Captain of the England Soccer team was mediocre and right now he’s in the States, injured. Ho hum;

    He’s overhyped.

  17. ZeldaF

    Green. That’s the glory of Soccer! We all have differing opinions. But I do agree with you that he’s not was he was 10 years ago. I STILL love Becks! And Posh!

  18. green cardigan

    ZeldaF – yes, agreed ! That’s what i love about sport in general. You can have a passionate heatfelt argument and at the end of the day clink glasses and say ‘sure, it’s just a game’.

    That said, Ireland have got to pull it together on Friday against France in the Rugby World cup. go the Green Army!

  19. ZeldaF

    Green: It’s ALL about the Fans, isn’t it? Good luck against the French. There’s many a pubbe in Ireland I’d love to be in during that match. A few in Dublin (Temple district) or even Blarney. Have very fond memories of a pubbe in Blarney. 6 years ago I stayed in a hotel in Dublin during a match between the Scots & the Irish (European Cup?). The town was crawling with men in kilts. I thought I’d died & gone to heaven…. Have a pint of Guiness for me, it just does NOT taste the same here in the US as it does in Ireland. Cheers!

  20. sinan tarazi


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