It’s Comforting To Know That Even David Beckham Can Take A Bad Photo

Here’s David Beckham with a bunch of kids celebrating the second anniversary of The David Beckham Academy in London. He posed with 120 schoolkids taking part in the Free School Day Visit. He looks a lot more down-to-earth when he’s not squiring around that alien being he’s married to. Her plastic sheen makes him look like a little less realistic or something. Beckham also spoke to the British sports press recently and commented that he hasn’t closed the casket on his international career as of yet.

Speaking on the second anniversary of the David Beckham Academy in Greenwich, he said: “I’ll still be available and hopefully I’ll still be playing, and playing well enough, to be in the England squad in 2010 but who knows?

“Everything can change and I’ve seen that in the last 12 months. I said at the start of my career I’d always want to play for my country and I’d never retire from playing for my country.

L.A.’s obviously getting to him. Who can blame him? You can’t even go into a Starbuck’s without Britney and her paparazzi friends clogging up the place. And if you try to cross the street, you could easily get mowed down by some high starlet!

Photos: Getty Images

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Photos: Getty Images