David Beckham Derided For Scruff By Mildly Racist British Press

The British are funny. And racist! The Daily Mail inferred from David Beckham’s new beard and shaved head that he was in the Taliban. No, really. Really? Yeah. Wow. That’s kinda reaching.

J. Harvey is growing a beard right now, but it has nothing to do with Al Qaeda. It’s because my ass is tired of shaving. Seriously, I’ve had it. I’m going to look all kinds of gnarly for early spring. I’m bringing back the old man of the mountains look. Like it ever left.

“With his shaved head, and flourishing beard, Beckham’s new look has prompted onlookers to ask whether he has secretly joined the Taliban,” the Daily Mail says in a recent article.

David played with his LA Galaxy team this weekend and showed off the scruff. Who cares? I think it looks kinda rad. You know it must piss wife Victorian Beckham off, so that’s a keeper.

Photos: AP Images