David Beckham’s Not Comfortable Flaunting His Jun

First of all, the above picture isn’t real, but it doesn’t diminish how awesome it is. The image of David Beckham sitting down for what looks like a ball-waxing appointment is the artistic creation of photographer Alison Jackson, who created the fake photos to look like candid paparazzi shots for her art exhibition, Starstruck: Contemporary Art And The Cult Of The Celebrity at the New Art Gallery in Walsall, England.

However, David really has posed nearly nude in almost the same exact position, only he was wearing underwear. He stepped out of his comfort zone of being fully clothed (as seen in these thumbnails here) or simply shirtless, for his Armani photoshoot. He told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, “When I was doing the Armani shoot, I was quite uncomfortable because I’ve never done a shoot before just in underwear.”

The metrosexual footballer also confirmed his desire for more children. When the chipper talk show host asked David if he wanted to expand his brood, he answered, “Of course.” It’s probably for the best that the waxing bit is fake (well, at least the pictures is) because having all that hot, molten wax near his manhood might not be the best thing for a man who wants to continue making babies.

Photos: PacificCoastNews.com