David Beckham’s Frosty Welcome Back To England

David Beckham left his new home of sunny Los Angeles, California, to visit England and enjoyed some snow flurries while in town. He’s currently there for a training session to prepare for England’s match against France on Wednesday. The occasion will mark David’s 100th public appearance and is taking place per special request by England’s coach, Fabio Capello.

Capello recently addressed the issue of why he asked David to come back, saying, “I understand the nation’s obsession with Beckham, but I am not obsessed with him. I called him up because I believe he will be useful for the team.” Yes, and here’s David getting himself all warmed up. The best picture, however, is the first one after the jump where he’s really getting his stretch on. Just look at those crisp, white shorts…

More photos of David Beckham in the snow after the jump.

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Photos: AP Images/Reuters